Autoship Systems Corporation provides shipping companies and terminals with stowage planning and management solutions (SPS) that improve cargo handling efficiencies and fully integrate planning operations into the real-time logistics chain. Vessel crews further benefit from our type approved, highly accurate hydrostatics and stability engine, Autoload.



Our suite of marine engineering software offers an integrated approach for every step of the CAD/CAM process from generating hull lines right through to the nesting of parts. We offer a complete and integrated software solution for any size of shipyard. Our products are in use by thousands of marine businesses on every continent around the world.



The Autostructure group includes Autostructure for vessel structure modelling and Production Manager for nesting and other production support. It is a comprehensive yet easy to use set of programs for internal structure design. Autostructure is an integral component of our complete CAD/CAM suite, and includes an interface with material management software.



We have been providing comprehensive training, maintenance and service packages to our customers for over 40 years. Our CAD/CAM design product customers are able to purchase off-the-shelf, ‘shrink-wrap’ software with standardized service packages; however, each shipping management solution is unique, and each requires tailored training and support.



Software Solutions

We are a marine software developer of load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs. For over 40 years we have continued to provide innovative software solutions.



Customized Software

Autoload is a suite of onboard stability and stowage planning software. It is tailored to meet your specific stability and cargo management requirements. Select from offshore, bulk, break bulk, ro-ro, and container stowage planning modules.



Worldwide Dealers

Our international and local dealer network can speak with you directly, understand your needs, and offer product sales, excellent software training, technical support and marine consulting services.



…Over 150 ECO vessels will be fitted with Autoload software. This significant installation will help insure that the ECO fleet is operating under the strictest of stability criteria.

Gary Rook, Technical Director, Edison Chouest Offshore USA