An Integrated, Worldwide Stowage Planning System (SPS) for PCTC, Ro-Ro and Container Vessels

Stowage Planning System (SPS) for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines

SPS is used to manage WWL cargo for their 80 vessel fleet. Ashore, it is used to develop stowage plans that maximize vessel carrying capacity. At sea, SPS cargo weight distribution is a key input into the vessel’s loading instruments for the monitoring of vessel stability and strength throughout the vessel’s voyage. SPS is currently being rolled out to WWL regional offices and ships around the world. The primary users of the SPS system are Regional Planners, Port Captains, and Chief Officers.

SPS/WWL includes two cargo management modules Deckplan (Ro-Ro/PCTC), Bayplan (Container) and a stability engine. (For the PCTC vessel, the Bayplan mode is not available.) Information is automatically exchanged between the modules in real time. The user can switch easily between the modes. Booking list information in the cargo management modules is updated through synchronization with third party booking data systems. Planners can stow, reposition, or remove any cargo at any port, with space conflict and various other cargo checks being performed automatically. The system allows the user to save, export and import loading scenarios, stowage plans, cargo lists, etc. SPS also provides printed reports in formats specified by WWL.