Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need AutoCAD® to run Autoship System programs?
Most programs in the suite do not require AutoCAD or even a CAD system. Meaningful output from Autoship and Autoplate requires a CAD program that can read .dxf files. To use Autostructure®, our internal structural design program, it is required to have AutoCAD 2008 up to 2024 installed on the workstation.

Is the Autoship System worth the investment, or should I continue doing my drawings and calculations by hand, or use AutoCAD?
The Autoship System software has been developed specifically to automate, and thereby shorten, the design spiral. The purchase of the programs is an investment in the future success of your company. The ship builders and naval architecture offices that were ‘early adopters’ of our hull design and hydrostatics programs are now industry leaders because they were the firms that could take on more projects and finish them well ahead of their competition. By using the Autoship System our users indicate that they can speed up the completion of their project three to four times as fast as with previous traditional methods.

What operating system do I need to run your programs?
Autoship Systems programs run under Windows® 10 and 11 Professional (32 or 64 bit), .NET Framework 4.8 with a Pentium Processor. Minimum resolution: 1280 x 800 (WXGA). OpenGL: recommended v3.2 or higher, minimum v2.1.

Autostructure has two main components: a database server and the CAD programs. Both can be installed as a single seat installation or the components can be run separately in a multi-user environment. The database server components are installed on a computer running Windows SQL Server 2022. The CAD component is installed on each workstation, which must have AutoCAD 2008 up to 2024.

Why should our company purchase your programs vs. from some of your competitors?
Some of the other programs on the market fulfill general needs, but only by having Autoship Systems as your vendor will your firm be able to receive from one supplier a fully integrated Windows suite of naval architecture programs. With an installed base of thousands, the Autoship System has become the PC industry-standard. With such a large user base, our software has evolved in conjunction with requests from designers and shipyards around the world. And with a sizable network of international Autoship dealers, we can provide technical support and training in most corners of the world.

Does our company need to purchase the entire suite of programs to get started?
No, you can choose to purchase one or more programs at first depending upon your requirements. You can add to your Autoship System at any time. Several programs come in different versions. You may upgrade from one version to another at any time simply by paying the difference in price.