Breakbulk Stowage Planning Software

Stow, reposition, or remove breakbulk cargo within any bay using our Break Bulk stowage module. If desired, more capabilities are easily added – such as either bulk or container cargo management. All cargo management is performed in a single screen, in which you drag cargo items between a booking list window to a graphic of the hold. You can re-arrange cargo within the hold by moving and rotating where needed.

With our flexible viewing tools you can zoom in on specific cargo or zoom out to see any portion of the hold. The results of loading, repositioning, or removal at any selected port are automatically predicted for all future ports in the voyage.

Dialogues automatically appear when stowage management decisions are required, or when you wish to change stowage parameters or gain additional information. The software follows default stowage rules and performs automatic and selectable checks during the stowage process.

All Autoship stowage planning systems include the latest version of our
comprehensive hydrostatics analysis engine – Autoload®