New Version Available for Autohydro, Hydrostatics and Stability Software

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) is pleased to announce innovative updates to their market leading hydrostatics and stability software, Autohydro Pro. Just released is Autohydro version 6.10 featuring MARPOL regulations which were recently requested by several clients. They asked and ASC delivered. Just another example of the close relationship ASC has with their users.

Autohydro Pro is a powerful calculation tool with a user friendly interface which can handle any vessel type. Produce large stability books quickly and efficiently with Autohydro and use it to streamline your next class approval process.

From excellent technical support, valuable updates, and a team of international Resellers, ASC has the right solution for you.

For over 40 years ASC has developed premier design software solutions for naval architects and marine engineers on every continent. ASC also produces world-class loading instruments and load planning systems for the entire marine shipping industry.

Autohydro version 6.10 new features include:

  • MARPOL Regulation 23 – Accidental oil outflow performance
  • MARPOL Regulation 12A – Oil Fuel tank protection
  • Second method added for intermediate steps during flooding calculations
  • Enhanced report to create large .PDF documents
  • Dynamic limit definition

Autohydro 6.11 is in beta version and will be released soon. New features include:

  • Second generation stability criteria (level 2) (Multiple RA evaluated with wind/without wind condition)
  • Grain moment heeling moment calculation (produce grain heeling moment tables)
  • RA averaging calculation
  • Dynamic limit definition