Since our load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs were introduced to the marine industry our products have been sold to thousands of clients worldwide.

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Stowage Planning System (SPS) for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (WWL)

SPS is used to manage WWL cargo for their 80 vessel fleet. Ashore, it is used to develop stowage plans that maximize vessel carrying capacity.

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Stowage Planning System (SPS) for Westwood Shipping Lines (WSL)

The SPS program is being used to manage cargo stowage plan development in North America and Asia, as well as to monitor stability and strength aboard all new WSL ships.

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Autoship & Autohydro Testimonial

Friede & Goldman chose Autohydro for melding the stipulated parameters into a set of sponsons for a given upgrade. Autoship Systems products have also been an essential part of the process of designing rigs such as the Smedvig SPU 380 for the Balder field in the Norwegian North Sea.

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Autoship Client Testimonial

Alaskan boatbuilder, Blueyodel Boat Mfg. Co. relies on Autoship for Hull Design. By using Autoship, they were able to model 3D hulls from developed surfaces. Those developed surfaces and select frames were easily exported to Autocad for dimensioning, cutting and assembly in the shop.

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Autostructure Client Testimonial

Bruce Cope of Cope Aluminum Boats & Design has used Autostructure and Autoship Pro (hull design) for many years. He says the software is invaluable in their daily operations producing medium size aluminum design projects.

Find out about how our software enables him to design and produce cut files with accuracy and speed here.

Autostructure Testimonial