Boskalis Marine Services Sail With Autoload Onboard Stability Software


Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada in close cooperation with their UK Reseller, Autoship Systems UK and Norwegian Reseller Coastdesign Norway AS, are pleased to supply Boskalis Marine Services (Boskalis) with ASC’s market leading onboard stability software, Autoload.

Boskalis has installed over 20 licenses of Autoload onboard their Anchor Handling Tugs and Offshore Construction Vessels.

Headquartered in Papendrecht in the Netherlands, Boskalis is a global dredging contractor and marine services provider. They operate in 90 countries with a fleet of over 650 vessels and floating equipment.

Boskalis uses Autoload to satisfy their class needs for approved Type 2 and Type 3 loading instrument software. Type 2 software calculates stability and compares against approved MaxVCG curves for intact and damage stability. Type 3 software calculates stability and runs checks on all the design damage stability cases at the current loading state.

Autoship Systems UK Director, Bill McKinnon said “We are proud to have been selected by Boskalis to supply our Autoload onboard stability software for installation on a part of the Boskalis offshore fleet”.

ASC is a marine software developer of load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs. For over 40 years ASC has continued to provide innovative software solutions that save customers’ time and money on each project they undertake.