Stowage Planning

Autoship Systems Corporation Stowage Planning Systems do far more than just model how cargo will fit in your vessels: they handle any cargo you transport, all voyages, all ports, and all your vessels; they are global information systems that permit both long-range and immediate planning; they incorporate your existing bookings database, and bring shipping operations fully into your supply chain management system.

Central to our stowage planning software is our concept of the electronic stowage plan, or Stowage Plan File. The stowage plan file is the repository for all information associated with your stowage simulation for a particular vessel and voyage. The stowage plan Information stored includes the graphical representation, the booking list being used, the location and status of cargo within the vessel, and the corresponding hydrostatic condition of the vessel. These stowage plan files also provide the key to seamless data transfer. All Autoship stowage planning systems include the latest version of our comprehensive hydrostatics analysis engine

Our basic system is tailored to each shipping line, cargo type, and vessel according to your needs. However, the general planning requirements imposed by different cargo types allow us to start from these basic planning solution modules: