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Autoload 6: The New Generation Software for Offshore Vessel Loading Computers

Offshore vessel operations are increasingly more complex. Added to this fact is the requirement to do all tasks faster and at the same time retain high safety margins. In particular, onboard cargo management including heavy crane operations requires effective tools for monitoring the vessel’s stability and strength. Fortunately, high speed computer systems are now available to assist offshore vessel crew and management to meet these operational requirements. A leader in the development of loading computer software that meets these requirements is Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC).



LPS-Bulk: State Of The Art Load Planning Software For Self-Unloading And Conventional Bulk Vessels

Two of the most important things that bulk vessel shippers think about on a daily basis are reducing operating expenses and maintaining high safety standards. LPS-Bulk by Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada was designed with increasing vessel safety and reducing vessel operating costs as key underlying principles. These design values, combined with ASC’s commitment to continuous improvement through innovation, have made LPS-Bulk the load planning software of choice among best-of-breed self-unloading and conventional bulk vessel operators around the world.



Load Management Software For Dry-Bulk Vessels By Autoship Systems Creates Waves

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada has recently released Autoload/Bulk 6.0 – a loading instrument software with specific features tailored to meet key requirements of dry-bulk cargo vessels. Autoload/Bulk has features that will improve load management efficiency, increase safety of operation, plus help meet Class requirements and local jurisdiction environmental regulations.



Setting The Industry Standard With Autoload 6.0

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada has recently released Autoload 6.0 – a loading instrument software with specific features tailored to meet key requirements of the bulk and tanker markets. If you are ordering a new bulk/tanker vessel, or are upgrading your present loading instrument, you owe it to yourself to have a look at Autoload 6.0.



Autoload/Rig: Next-Generation Stability Software for Semi Submersible Rigs

Not all stability software is made equal. Even if all commonly available stability programs were of the same quality, virtually all of them are designed first and foremost for conventional vessels – and it’s no secret that the unique characteristics of offshore platforms demand capabilities not usually required for ships. Rig stability is a very critical issue, and it can also be quite complex. What rig operators need is software that can constantly monitor and predict stability in any combination of circumstances; but what they don’t need is an interface as complex as the problem.



Autoship Systems Corporation Software: The Advanced Approach to Vessel Design

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada has been a world leader in CAD/CAM vessel design software for all of its nearly forty years. Originally conceived for the monohull, ASC software is now used for designing all types of marine vessels – from conventional hull forms to oil rigs.



Autoship Systems Makes Waves Around the World

Many companies can claim to be global, but Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada talks the talk and walks the walk. A core tenant of ASC has been to establish itself as leader in innovation, helping to ensure that as shipbuilding techniques evolved, the industry could rely on its CAD/CAM software to meet new design and construction needs.



Complete Vessel Structure Modelling and Part Nesting by Autoship Systems

If you are in the market for accurate yet fast vessel design, structural modeling and part nesting, then read on. Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) has developed a complete CAD/CAM suite to meet the CAD/CAM needs in marine vessel design and construction.



Autoship Systems Corporation Prepares to Release Autoship 9

The industry-leading ship hull design program, Autoship, has been given a major upgrade. The program incorporates entirely new design aids.