Autoship Systems Corp. Develops Offshore Stability Solutions for Jack-up Vessels


Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada in cooperation with their Norwegian Reseller, Coastdesign Norway (CDN) are pleased to announce their Autoload® – Jack Up version was chosen for installation onboard Seaway 7’s first self-propelled jack-up vessel, VIND 1. Autoload is also installed onboard their entire fleet of vessels which include open deck semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels, cable lay, heavy lift crane installation and Installation support vessels.

Located in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Taiwan, Seaway 7 specializes in the delivery of fixed offshore wind farm projects and provides heavy lifting and cable installation services. In 2022, Seaway 7 will deliver Alfa Lift, one of the largest custom-built offshore wind foundation installation vessels. VIND 1 launches in 2023 and will be capable of installing offshore wind turbines and XL monopile foundations.

“Seaway 7 will be using Autoload on their new vessels due to the tailor made functionality for jackup vessels and user friendly interface that the system offers.” says Bertil Rognes, Mission Equipment and Vessel Management Director. “We have been using Autoload across our fleet of semi submersible transportation vessels for many years and appreciate the service offered by their network around the world.”

ASC is a marine software developer of load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs. For over 40 years ASC has continued to provide innovative software solutions that save customers’ time and money on each project they undertake.

Product Information:

Autoload® Offshore is the latest generation of our onboard stability and simulation software. Whether you have a semi-submersible, jack-up, drill ship, TLP, Spar, or other offshore vessel, Autoload Offshore will meet all your loading, stability monitoring and strength requirements. Configured specifically for each rig, platform, or vessel, Autoload’s ability to simulate any current or anticipated loading condition will enable you to quickly verify stability, trim, drafts, and structural strength status.

Autoload-Jack up version is developed for the specific need for monitoring and simulation of stability and strength both for free floating (transit) condition as well as jacking up / preloading and elevated conditions.