Cargo Management Testimonials

“Seaway 7 will be using Autoload on their new vessels due to the tailor made functionality for jackup vessels and user friendly interface that the system offers. We have been using Autoload across our fleet of semi submersible transportation vessels for many years and appreciate the service offered by their network around the world.”
Bertil Rognes, Mission Equipment and Vessel Management Director, Norway
“SPO’s vision is to deliver excellence in offshore marine services. The installation of the IMO compliant 3D-based Autoload stability system is aligned with our mission to deliver safe, high quality, reliable and sustainable offshore marine services. SPO had chosen the Autoload system several years ago in order to standardize the fleet with good and reliable software for the stability calculations. Throughout the years the system has proven to be user friendly and accepted with no complaints and good results by all on-board and ashore. ASC’s Reseller, Coastdesign is always available for support and has been very timely in response to any technical matter.”
Dantas Martins, Fleet Technical Manager, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte Ltd, Singapore

“The delivery of the Autoload software will be a staged roll-out for the Edison Chouset Offshore (ECO) fleet. The initial install is set for 68 of the latest-delivered and soon-to-be delivered vessels. Staging after this group will be the remainder of the ECO deepwater fleet, inclusive of PSVs, AHTSVs and Deep Water Support Vessels. When the effort is completed, over 150 ECO vessels will be fitted with the Autoload software.This significant installation of the Autoload program will help ensure that the ECO fleet is operating under the strictest of stability criteria.”
Gary Rook, Technical Director, Edison Chouset Offshore, USA

“The decision to install a 3D based onboard stability system on our rigs was made due to safety strategy. The value of Autoload working from first principle, using a 3D vessel model as basis for all calculations, is important for being able to handle any “what if” situations. The fact that Autohydro was used for the stability analysis for our rigs made the decision to choose Autoload for onboard stability easy. After half a year experience, Autoload has been proven to be a robust, and very intuitive/easy to use system. Autoload basically puts control over the vessel’s stability into your fingertips.”
Kjell Hansen, Tecknical Supervisor, Odfjell Drilling, Norway

“In early 2000, Autoship Systems delivered Autoload, an integrated load planning solution for our ro-ro and container ships. Autoload‘s functionality is excellent. The software helps the port captain considerably as it keeps track of space utilization for an entire voyage. It also interfaces with our booking system, ensuring that all cargo is tracked correctly.”
Rune Ljostad, Former SPS Project Manager, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Sweden

CAD/CAM Testimonials

“ASMAR has always tried to be on the avant-garde of technology; that is why 26 years ago the company chose Autohydro to be included among its design tools. My colleagues tell me that at that moment Autohydro was a leading stability software for Naval Architecture with many features never seen before. Over time, their choice has proven to be right and we have been rewarded as Autohydro developers have invested in R & D and kept on adding new features to the software; thus, Autohydro has continuously improved over the years. Nowadays, Autohydro’s customer confidence is maintained and increased through validated results and excellent technical support. The software is versatile; it adapts to your needs and lets you produce large stability books making the repetitive task involved easier and faster than otherwise. Autohydro is a very powerful and trustworthy toolbox, which every Marine Engineer should take into consideration.”
Alan Neumann Alvarado, Naval Architect – ASMAR Shipyards, Chile

We have employees who have used Autohydro Pro extensively for over 20 years and highly recommended that we acquired an upgrade and additional licenses. We engaged Autoship Systems and we received a very professional and friendly support throughout the procurement process. We at Nautic are very pleased with our relationship with Autoship Systems and the experiences from Autohydro Pro.”
Hranfnkell Tulinius, General Manager – Nautic LLC, Iceland

“I am pleased to give you notice that thanks to Autohydro Pro we have been able to carry out the stability approval (intact and damage) of the beautiful m/y Utopia IV and the outstanding m/y Aurora, both built by RossiNavi shipyard and classed by RINA. Use of Autohydro Pro enabled us to carry out the documentation appraisal in a fast and efficient way and simplified the flow of data between us and the designer, taking advantage of remarkable time saving. I wish to express my appreciation for the friendly and competent support you have given us to carry out this task.”
Flavio Faloci, Senior Engineer – Italy Yachting Plan Approval, RINA Services S.p.A., Italy

“We use Autohydro to submit stability books to classification societies for a wide range of vessels engineered by BMD. Complicated stability issues require the Autohydro Hydrostatics and Strength software to analyze and solve. To date, all of BMD’s stability books have been approved by the designated class society, including ABS1. It’s easy to import a hull derived from different 3D model files directly into Autohydro through its Modelmaker module with the full Windows interface and pull down menus. We can get right to work defining tanks and selecting hydrostatic values critical for safe vessel operation. Additionally, Autohydro’s tech support is excellent, providing solutions for our questions.”
Nick Boksa, President – Boksa Marine Design, USA

“Autoship Systems’ customer support for both Autoship and Autostructure is excellent. Their staff works with me and responds quickly whenever I have a question. Especially important to me is that their team understands boat construction equally as well as their marine design software.” Read more…
Bruce Cope, Owner – Cope Aluminum Boats, Canada

“As the demand for our projects grew in complexity, we needed to introduce a modern CAD/CAM suite of software tools, and finally decided upon the Autoship and Autohydro software due to several technical reasons, including the shared interface between the two programs, and some design and draft options other programs didn’t offer. We also noted their continuous improvement to the software as reflected by on-going new releases and their reputation of excellent technical support is widely known.”
Sasa Djordevic, Chief Naval Architect – Brodoprojekt, Serbia