Loading & Stowage

Deck Cargo Stowage Planning System

ASC’s real-time, integrated, and intuitive Deck Loading/Cargo Management Systems give your company the ability to greatly improve loading and stowage planning; easily update, modify, synchronize, and share your plans; and instantly check on status and progress. Companies can use these systems to plan, model, and track stowage of any type of cargo – bulk oil stowage, point weights, distributed weights, containers, etc. Real-time planning and operations are integrated in a common interface, improving safety and efficiency at every stage.

Features that make such stowage plans possible include:

  • Sophisticated graphics with both global and highly detailed displays of all your stowage areas.
  • Synchronization – at any stage in the process – between planned and actual loading/stowage data.
  • Cargo grouping in the interface according to customer needs (for example, POL, POD, Shipper, cargo type, hazardous material classifications, deck limitations, etc).
  • Automatic Stowage Checks for IMDG segregation, deck height, weight, pressure, area limitations, cargo space conflicts across time, unstackable cargo, etc.
  • The ability to deal with large quantities of cargo quickly and easily, but also to perform fine adjustments to individual cargo items.
  • Organized information display based on parameters that matter to your company.
  • Highly accessible stowage data – when and where you need it.
  • Graphic and tabular reports at any stage, tailored to your requirements.
  • Cargo space utilization data by deck, cargo type, and by percent of total available.
  • Tailorable stowage rules for use in automatic stowage operations.
  • Flexible standardized stowage patterns for consistent and predictable combinations of factors.
  • A basic hydrostatic information window, and links to the full Autoload® hydrostatics engine.

User Interface

ASC’s Deck Loading and Stowage Planning systems are always tailored to customer requirements, but include these standard basic elements:




Cargo Lineup (or “Booking List”) Window
Lists all cargo already loaded and scheduled for loading.

Booking List


Overall Planning Windows
“Deckplan” for listing all available deck cargo stowage spaces, “Bayplan” for listing either bulk stowage bays or container stowage bays, etc .




Individual Planning Window
For displaying detailed views of each stowage area.

Individual Bay Plan 

Individual Deck Plan

Main Menu Bar
For full access to pre-stowage, stowage, settings, window, and help features.

Main Tool Bars
For easy access to specific, often-used tools (configured to customer requirements).

Report Generation Tools
For building reports from a pre-determined set of parameters.