Training & Technical Support

Autoship Systems Corporation has been providing comprehensive training, maintenance and service packages for its customers for over 40 years. Our CAD/CAM design product customers are able to purchase off-the-shelf, ‘shrink-wrap’ software with standardized service packages; however, each shipping management solution is unique, and each requires tailored training and support.

Training and support are specified to your satisfaction in the contract between the shipping company and Autoship. In practice, you receive both formal and informal training services. Throughout the development process, our personnel are in contact with yours in a continual process of communication. In fact, key people in your company will be learning about the features as they are implemented from the specification, and will be involved in testing the progressively capable “betas” we produce for you. Nearing final delivery, our representatives travel to your location(s) to train your trainers, who then conduct formal instruction for all users with your company.

Maintenance and support are conducted as agreed in the contract, with each company designing its package according to its needs and internal capabilities.