Seaworthy Solutions from Autoship Systems Corporation

We provide leading-edge software solutions for two broad categories of marine industries: the vessel design and construction industry, and the marine shipping industry. Our network of dealers provides complete pre-sales, sales and post-sales support, including software training.



Autoship Systems Corporation continues to set industry standards by meeting customer needs precisely and efficiently with our Autoload product line. Autoload is the market-leading onboard stability and stowage planning software.

Customize your Autoload solution to meet your specific stability and cargo management requirements. This world-renowned hydrostatic engine can be linked with stowage planning modules specific to your vessel type. Modules include bulk (dry or liquid), break bulk, ro-ro, container, offshore or any combination.



Our suite of marine engineering software offers a truly integrated approach for every step of the CAD/CAM process from generating hull lines through to nesting of parts. Many other vendors offer a solution to one part of the CAD/CAM design process and so users choosing that path end up with a variety of software and as a result experience a ‘disjointed’ design process. When you begin the process with Autoship, the model that is created is used throughout the entire CAD/CAM process. And when you make changes to the Autoship model, all the other programs can easily adapt to the revision.



The Autostructure Group includes Autostructure® for vessel structure modelling and Production Manager™ for nesting and other production support. These two software programs make the Autostructure Group a versatile, comprehensive CAM package for shipyards and marine consultants.