The Autostructure Group

The Autostructure Group includes Autostructure® for vessel structure modelling and Production Manager™ for nesting and other production support. These two software programs make the Autostructure Group a versatile, comprehensive CAM package for shipyards and marine consultants.

Autostructure is used to create a 3D model of a vessel structure and to output the parts of that model in CAD format. Autostructure utilizes an Autoship-generated hull, and can also include the shell plate information created in Autoplate. Since parts can be generated rapidly, mistakes can be quickly and easily remedied. If a part is changed or moved, Autostructure can update the surrounding structure for you, saving you time and effort. The Autostructure CAD representation can be used either to prepare construction drawings or for input to NC cutting processors.
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Production Manager provides nesting, part subdivision, stock management and weld shrinkage compensation. Parts for nesting are read from the Autostructure database, nestings and inventories are stored in it.

While the Autostructure Group products assume a general workflow, the user is not forced to adopt specific ways or sequences. This philosophy enables maximum productivity with minimum effort. Designed with maximum flexibility of workflow in mind, the Autostructure Group user will quickly experience an increase in productivity.