Autoship and Autohydro at Pesquera Diamante


Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada has been supplying the marine industry with its Autoship Pro (hull design) and Autohydro Pro (hydrostatics & stability) software for over 40 years. These two programs combined has resulted in many hundreds, if not thousands of ships at sea, including ocean going fish trawlers.

Pesquera Diamante in Lima, Peru is a current Autoship System user that has engineered over a dozen purse seiner vessels for its integrated operations that include a fish processing facility, using our hull design and hydrostatics programs. Through their engineering department and shipyard, they have launched 28 purse-seiners for a modern fleet in this region. The company recently upgraded their design software to Autoship Pro 10.2 and Autohydro Pro 6.10.

“Our Shipyard provides comprehensive maintenance, repair, enlarge and new construction services for fishing vessels, bay tugboats, auxiliary support boats for our vessels and fish unloading barges, with which we complement our entire production chain. Our activities are carried out under quality, safety and environmental management standards. We have a professional and technical team with extensive experience in the sector.”  says Heinz Galdós Lindao, Naval Architect (Pesquera Diamante). ”We also provide Technical Support services through our own Engineering and Design area to develop and execute projects with standards and regulatory compliance for external fleet. Our capacity allows us to serve vessels up to 700 T of light displacement (Light Ship), with the commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. The use of the Autoship System programs for many of these projects has been a definite asset towards their completion.”

The Autoship Systems’ programming department is dedicated to continual-improvement objectives resulting in new features and tools to assist the naval architect in completing complex marine engineering in the shortest period of time, while working in a software environment that is easy-to-use and robust to meet any engineering vessel design challenge.

For over 40 years ASC has developed premier design software solutions for naval architects and marine engineers on every continent. ASC also produces world-class loading instruments and load planning systems for the entire marine shipping industry.

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