Autohydro Pro Stability Software in Action for 20 years at Nautic, a Leading Icelandic Naval Design Office


Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce that Nautic LLC of Reykjavik, Iceland has upgraded and added another license of their Autohydro Pro hydrostatics & stability software. They use the software to complete stability books for various fishing vessel projects. ASC is pleased to provide Autohydro Pro to their highly skilled naval architects and is happy to have provided exceptional technical support for the last 20 years. Autohydro Pro 6.10 is the most advanced version of the software to date offering important new features such as meeting MARPOL regulations for accidental oil outflow performance, oil fuel tank protection, and multiple methods for intermediate steps during flooding calculations and dynamic limit definition. The next version, 6.11 is currently under development adding new features such as the ability to produce grain heeling moment tables.

Nautic has offices in Reykjavik (Iceland) and St. Petersburg (Russia). The company has 55 employees including a remote Naval Engineer in Chile. Nautic’s focus and expertise are the design of fishing vessels, retrofitting older vessels and various naval consultancy services. Their unique trawler hull shape with the bulbous Bow (EnduroBow) provides multiple benefits to a vessels behaviour in rough waves such as improvements to crew comfort due to behaviour in the water and additional space in the bow area. As Mr. Hrafnkell Tulinius, Nautic’s General Manager states, “We have employees who have used Autohydro Pro extensively for over 20 years and highly recommended that we acquired an upgrade and additional licenses. We engaged Autoship Systems and we received a very professional and friendly support throughout the procurement process. We at Nautic are very pleased with our relationship with Autoship Systems and the experiences from Autohydro Pro.”

For over 40 years ASC has developed premier design software solutions for naval architects and marine engineers on every continent. ASC also produces world-class loading instruments and load planning systems for the entire marine shipping industry.