Autohydro Provides User-Friendly Engineering Software for Class Approval



Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) is pleased to supply Boksa Marine Design (BMD) with its latest Autohydro 6.10, offering yet more features and tools leading to new efficiencies for calculating hydrostatic parameters, stability and longitudinal strength.

BMD, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm located in Lithia, Florida, has designed and engineered over 600 completed projects up to 740-feet for over 50 clients since 2003, including leading shipyards.

Specializing in full-scale design and naval architecture from a blank sheet of paper for commercial marine and yachting clients across the world requires innovative, marine software solutions integrating every step of the CAD/CAM process, from generating hull lines to nesting of parts, onboard stability, load planning and an integrated CAD/CAM design program suite.

“We use Autohydro to submit stability books to classification societies for a wide range of vessels engineered by BMD,” said Nick Boksa, President of Boksa Marine Design. “Complicated stability issues require the Autohydro Hydrostatics and Strength software to analyze and solve.” he said, adding, “To date, all of BMD’s stability books have been approved by the designated class society, including ABS1.”

ASC has worked closely with Boksa Marine Design to deliver on-time stability reports for workboats, pushboats, commercial ships and superyachts representing their unique stability requirements.

“It’s easy to import a hull derived from different 3D model files directly into Autohydro through its Modelmaker module with the full Windows interface and pull down menus,” said Boksa. “We can get right to work defining tanks and selecting hydrostatic values critical for safe vessel operation. Additionally, Autohydro’s tech support is excellent, providing solutions for our questions.”

Autohydro’s current operating version has now evolved to 6.10 during its 30th year of development, representing continual software improvement with features such as accidental oil flow performance, oil fuel tank protection, 2nd method for intermediate steps during flooding calculations and dynamic limit definition. Autohydro 6.11 is scheduled for release later this year.

For over 40 years ASC has developed premier design software solutions for naval architects and marine engineers on every continent. ASC also produces world-class loading instruments and load planning systems for the entire marine shipping industry.