Leading Naval Shipyard Prefers Autohydro Pro Software


Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce ASMAR Shipyards of Chile have recently upgraded all of their Autohydro Pro (hydrostatic and stability software) licences. For the past 26 years ASMAR has been a loyal customer of ASC relying on expert technical support and employee training for their growing departments.

Autohydro is a complete hydrostatics and stability calculations program for naval architects, ship designers and marine engineers. A true ‘floating simulator’, Autohydro reports the reaction of the 3D model of the vessel to various conditions such as a loading configuration, a damage situation, conditions involving outside forces, wind or high speed turning momentum or some combination of these. Autohydro can also be used to obtain hull form characteristics and capacities. Vessel attitude is displayed graphically and in text on the screen. Report information, text and graphs, can be shown on the screen, printed, saved or exported to other Windows applications. ASMAR has also used Autohydro Pro to export the data generated into ASC’s real-time onboard stability program, Autoload which they have installed onboard a number of vessels.

Autoload takes the Autohydro-built Geometry File, with tank definitions, and the data from the approved stability book to provide the vessel with a modern onboard stability program with the highest hydrostatic data output. Autoload offers cargo management modules for tankers, ro-ro, break-bulk and offshore structures.    

ASMAR is one of the largest shipyards in Chile with a long tradition and many important clients. The company provides first-class repair and shipbuilding services for the navy and commercial markets. They have built a wide variety of vessels for national and international clients.

“ASMAR has always tried to be on the avant-garde of technology; that is why 26 years ago the company chose Autohydro to be included among its design tools.” states Alan Neumann Alvarado, Naval Architect. “My colleagues tell me that at that moment Autohydro was a leading stability software for Naval Architecture with many features never seen before. Over time, their choice has proven to be right and we have been rewarded as Autohydro developers have invested in R & D and kept on adding new features to the software; thus, Autohydro has continuously improved over the years. Nowadays, Autohydro’s customer confidence is maintained and increased through validated results and excellent technical support. The software is versatile; it adapts to your needs and lets you produce large stability books making the repetitive task involved easier and faster than otherwise. Autohydro is a very powerful and trustworthy toolbox, which every Marine Engineer should take into consideration.”

For 40 years ASC has developed premier design software solutions for naval architects and marine engineers on every continent. ASC also produces world-class loading instruments and load planning systems for the entire marine shipping industry.