Modelmaker Hydrostatics Model Definition

Autoship Systems’ product Autohydro has the capability to analyse the hydrostatic characteristics of any kind of vessel under a wide variety of conditions. It is comprised of two main modules: Modelmaker and Autohydro. Autohydro performs the calculations. Modelmaker is used to create and edit the models that will be used in Autohydro.

Modelmaker can model anything that displaces and/or contains fluids – vessels of any size or configuration, buoys, docks, storage tanks, drilling platforms, etc. It has even been used to model lakes and reservoirs. It is easy to learn and simple to use.

Pricing – For product pricing please contact your Autoship System’s  Dealer  or email  to request a quote.

Key Features

  • Windows® 11 Compatible
  • Easy to use interface
  • Models are simple 2D sections
  • DXF & IGES Import to Modelmaker
  • DXF & DWG Export from Modelmaker
  • Pull-down menu operation, or Script-file control
  • Automatic GF file format verification check
  • Damage Stability