Are you interested in working in an organization in which substance matters more than image? Where the authority structure is flat, we work in teams, and ideas are encouraged? Where you work in a team in which individual skills are recognized and encouraged? Want to feel like you are contributing, instead of just fulfilling tasks? This is exactly the kind of person we want to have work with us.

Software Engineer
Autoship Systems Corporation, the world’s leading producer of PC-based marine software, is seeking a Software Engineer.


Research and development of marine software using Microsoft Windows™ operating system.

Research Duties:

  1. Load planning
  2. Stowage optimization
  3. Hydrostatics


  1. Two years experience with VB C# or C++
  2. Self-starter
  3. University level mathematics
  4. Knowledge of software engineering principles


  1. Knowledge of PC hardware

Autoship Systems offers the latest development tools, such as Visual Studio 2020

Please email interest and resume to: