Hydrostatics & Stability Software

Autoload® is a type approved stability and longitudinal strength loading instrument software. Used around the world, Autoload is installed on virtually every type of vessel – ro-ro, container, bulk, semi-submersibles, coast guard, naval, cruise, fishing, survey, tanker… and more!

Autoload Stability uses a complete 3D model of the vessel, identical to the model used for creating the approved stability booklet. The model includes all buoyant parts of the vessel, including tanks and void spaces. The non-buoyant superstructure is used for wind calculations.

Designed to meet IMO loading instrument requirements, Autoload Stability enables vessel operators to perform proper trim, stability and strength calculations for any load condition before leaving port and at any time while at sea. The main window shows profile, plan, and body plan views of the ship in the loaded condition, as well as calculated hydrostatic values. Autoload Stability calculates stability as fuel and consumables are used, makes use of optimal ballast, and evaluates strength and stability in an intact, damaged or grounded condition. A comparison of the vessel condition can be made against preset strength and stability limits. All calculation results are derived from first principles, and therefore results are true at any displacement and at any angle of trim or heel.