Autoload Tanker

Autoload Tanker Key Features
Autoload Tanker performs all the same stability, strength, and reporting capabilities as Autoload Stability, but also provides very useful tank management features:

  • Separate cargo tank tab with key features include VCF and pump rate.
  • Editable cargo database for petroleum and non-petroleum products. VCF is as per API or is interpolated from user-input data.
  • Internationally recognized Ullage Survey Report for before loading and after discharge.

Cargo Tanks
All key cargo data is shown in the Tank Dialogue window; to view only cargo tanks, click the Cargo tab in this window. If Autoload is connected to tank sensors, the pump rate is calculated automatically on discharge/filling operations:




Add, edit or delete the cargo database. Both petroleum and non-petroleum products can be added:


For non-petroleum products, Volume Correction Factor (VCF) is determined by straight-line interpolation between user-defined VCF-temperature values. For any petroleum product cargo, define volume correction properties using API, relative density, or density:

Autoload Tanker includes all the basic reports produced by Autoload Stability, but also provides an Ullage Survey Report in internationally recognized format. Signature-ready Loading and After Discharge reports are easily produced for Terminal Representatives, Surveyors, Vessel Masters and Chief Officers.